G’MIC Node for Natron

G’MIC has long been a great program for manipulating images. Now think of combining the awesome G’MIC effects with a great composting program. Well you don’t have to imagine it any longer, the Natron G’MIC Node fits the bill.


GIMP + GMIC Space Effect

The Hubbel Space Telescope gave the world some of the most spectacular views of space ever witnessed. NASA won’t let me control the telescope, but I can show you how to create some very cool looking nebula space scenes with nothing more than GIMP and the G’MIC plug-in!

Picture by Thomas Morley


This tutorial is a quick one, no source material is necessary. Fire up gimp, click on the tutorial below and let the force flow through you. Continue reading

GIMP + G’MIC Darkglow Effect

Halloween may be over, but there’s still time for a scare. I wanted to come up with a cartoon looking picture for Halloween. The picture needed to be scary looking, yet child-friendly so it would appeal to everyone. I wanted the picture to look like it was glowing from the inside, and I had no idea how I was going to create this effect. So I fired up GIMP and dove into the GMIC plug-in once again.

Created by Thomas Morley, original picture by Rocco Saya

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GIMP + G’MIC Fire Effects

I recently had the need to create a couple of effects for a game I was working on. The game, however, is a story for another time. I was frustrated by the apparent lack of quality filters for GIMP. After some time scouring the Internet for a solution to my problem, I found out that I was sadly mistaken. The problem was not a lack of quality plug-ins or scripts, it was my lack of knowledge on what was available and how to properly use them. Well, my pain is your gain because I’m going to show you some really cool effects using nothing more than GIMP, a quality photograph, and the GMIC plug-in!


Fireking by Thomas Morley, original photograph by Rocco Saya

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Welcome to the FOSS 365 blog

Well, I put it off for as long as I could. My interests have become so widespread in the free open source software realm that I need a central location to share my thoughts and projects.

The main goal for this blog is to share my experiences, both good and bad, while using FOSS in my creative endeavors. If you, like me, have an unquenchable desire to create content with a limited budget, you came to the right place.